Well. Hurumph.

Firstly, the maxillofacial surgical consultant was really nice. I feel comfortable in trusting him to, with any luck, unlock my jaw.

The plan:

  • MRI in the next week.
  • Appointment next week to discuss a plan of action.
  • Fix face.

Hopefully, that is how it will work and I will be able to eat Christmas dinner.Hopefully.

After a very painful examination, he has diagnosed Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJS). I’ve always been a teeth grinder and I have a guard that I wear so I knew this. What I didn’t expect was that I have completely dislocated my TMJ disc. The fix? Surgery.

Surgery! On the one hand, I  want my jaw fixed, on the other hand, surgery on my face.

On. My. Face.


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