The Last Week.

10 days – I’m sorry. I’ve been rather meh.

Between taking strong pain meds and muscle relaxants, not sleeping because of night fevers and pain and still having a 90% liquid diet, I’m exhausted.

Some days I have slept and barely been able to have the energy to eat and others I have used my energy to got to appointments or to do some PT for my spine. It’s annoying that chronic issues don’t go away when you have an acute issue. Fasm rasm.

Still having to wait 4-6 weeks (3-5 now) for my MRI which could potentially mean a liquid Christmas dinner. Bleh. If this is the case then surgery early next 2017 to fix it. Despite this, my consultant still wants to see me weekly. I essentially walk in and he says “hang in there” I say “ok”, thank him for his time and leave. My lovely mum gifted me a soup book so I’ll be making use of this A LOT.

In closer to today news – I see my bowel surgeon next week on the 7th so hopefully, I will get my surgery hole fixed so I can do stretches properly and also abdominal strengthening PT. Exciting.


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