It’s Been Three Years…

I fell off the blogging wagon during the pandemic. Things keep happening in the world and life, and this blog took a major back seat.

But for some reason, tonight, I have decided to reinvigorate it. Maybe it is the uber painkillers talking.

In my most recent history, I am currently on day 4 of a migraine that is more intense than I have ever felt. So much so my GP prescribed me a high dose of aspirin and tramadol to take the edge off – and it has, but I hate how opioids make my brain feel sluggish and dull.

Life has been busy since last I wrote; one of the biggest things, though, was the passing of our best boy, the most dapper of cats, Ezio, on July 10th 2020. He is still very much missed.

Since I last wrote I have had some health things happen. The first big thing is I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in October 2020 – which in turn has explained so many of my issues – such as my paralysed gut that I can’t stand up without feeling dizzy (POTS) and the fact I have recurrent dislocations among others – EDS comes with a lot of comorbidities. Unfortunately, EDS doesn’t have a central treatment plan or pathway in Scotland, so I have the difficult job of managing all my different issues individually and being the link between specialities. It’s like having a full-time job when paired with daily treatments and physical therapy at home.

Another exciting piece of news is that I decided to come off all my treatments that augmented how my brain worked, and I have returned to study to get my honours degree! I learn part-time with the Open University and am going for an Open STEM BSc (Hons) with molecular and microbiology-based subjects. I am now in my final year and about to start my dissertation. I should graduate around Christmas time with some luck. It is my hope that when I am done, I can join the NHS STP programme and work in healthcare in either molecular pathology or microbiology, I haven’t entirely decided yet, and I am keeping my options open if I get a bit more confident I might even go after a PhD at some point. But for now, I am content that I could pass my exams last year and got to where I am now.

Health wise I am partly stable. I have some ongoing issues for which I am either about to start treatment or have investigations, but my health is far more stable than the last blog post I wrote. My asthma and migraines are at the forefront at the moment, but I may only be saying this as I just finished antibiotic and steroid treatment for a chest infection last week, and now this week, I have this 4-day migraine that will not quit.

I am also doing far better with my mental health – I have a fantastic psychologist that I see once a week, and she is helping me deal with so much – I couldn’t be more grateful as I have had some absolutely AWFUL mental health practitioners in the past.

I discovered through my partner that online TTRPG was a thing. An entirely infection-risk-free way to play! I joined a D&D group online in November 2021, and last February, I started DMing my own game, “The Spherules of Oria”, which has been going on for almost a year! In D&D, I have found some excellent new friends and an escape from reality that is fun and engaging. The last significant change is with the pandemic.

Anyway, how are you? How has life been for the last 3 years? I have missed blogging and intend on doing so much more – what would you like to see? Studying tips and tricks? Specific scientific topics? Health deep dives? Let me know 🙂

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