The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the oral surgeon in the dental hospital in the city. At the appointment on Friday, my dentist decided that their definition of “urgent” and his were not the same as my jaw is more locked than before and my “good” side is starting to lose muscle strength.

Looking forward to it isn’t quite the expression I would use. In all likelihood whatever the plan is to fix my jaw, the pain is going to get worse before it gets better. Horror stories have been shared with me from friends and family including breaking and resetting my jaw! We will see what tomorrow brings.

This weekend has been a mixture of resting and managing my pain. Today has been particularly challenging, so much so that James had to help me shower and wash my hair. Unfortunately, the physiotherapist is reluctant to see me until I have my consultation in March with the orthopaedic surgeon. Until then I will keep doing my stretching and physical therapy I have been doing, take my medication and just keep going.

How was your weekend?

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