Next week I am going to see CATS! The Musical!!!!

I haven’t been in a crowded situation like this for years! My last concert was Devin Townsend last March, and even then we went up to the bar and sat rather than being in amongst it. However, we have managed to get seats in the stalls in G row! Eeeep!

So, kindly The Kings Theatre has offered for me to go in today and get a feel for where I am sitting. It is a bittersweet thing as I have danced on that stage before – so it is odd that I feel so nervous about sitting on a seat in the audience. But hey ho.

The tour is today at 2 pm, and it is RAINING – I know, I live in Scotland – shh.

Oh, and case you were wondering the cat that is the main image is Victoria – my favourite cat character. When I was younger, it was always my ambition to play her. I wish I could credit the photographer, but I can’t find out who it is.

Anywho, I’ll talk to you all soon.

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