A Very Merry Un-Birthday To Me!

So, I turned 30 this year! Eep! On the 11th of July to be exact.

However, I was on holiday for my 30th then I had adult chicken pox and because all my friends are adults the first time everyone could come together to celebrate was on Saturday 3rd of September – but oh my was it worth the wait!

I went out on Friday with my mum to acquire everything needed for a gluten-free childhood themed party! I then came home and decorated the kitchen and made little party bags! This is the result:-

The gluten free treats I had were:

Schar Gluten Free Cristini, Swizzles lollipop selection, Dib Dabs, Home Bargains Halloween Gummies and Marshmallows, Schar pretzels, RW Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers, Costco Hummus, 5kg of pork shoulder lovingly smoked on the BBQ by my other half, Tesco Gluten Free Bakewell Tarts, Tesco Gluten Free Jam Tarts and Sainsbury’s Birthday Cake.

The decorations are all from the pound shop except the balloons which are from The Card Factory. They are super cute and inexpensive!

In the morning I put out all the snacks and James went out and started the BBQ. We also put up a tarp which accidentally touched the roasty, toasty BBQ and melted a hole… I mean we constructed a chimney deliberately so that the smoke could escape the shelter. Yes. That.

The party was so much fun. We had downloaded a game called the “Jackbox Party Pack” which is a selection of games on the Xbox One that everyone can play provided they have a smartphone (one of the games even has up to 100 players!). We played Drawful – a game similar to Pictionary, Quiplash – identical to Madlib’s and Fibbage. It was epic fun, and we had a blast playing it.

Well, that’s it – hope you are all well 🙂

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