Ann and Mike

I’ve known Ann for a long, long time. She was one of my college friends when I was fresh out of school and nervous as hell. We had advanced higher English together, and she wrote the best piece of dystopian literature I have read to date – a plot premise I have yet to see anywhere in media called “The Darwin’s are coming.” I knew when I read it that we would be great friends. We survived our advanced higher, and since then both have conquered university.

Mike was one of my other half’s friends and one of the three members of the Super Unlimited Action Force – a little club that we had that involved Bier Halle pizza, snacks and then at least one film in Cineworld every Saturday. As I got to know Mike I realised that he would be ideally suited to Ann – they are both similar in very different ways. So I had to get them to meet – so Ann became our 4th SUAF member. Then on Halloween, they became a couple!

Fast forward to last Halloween – he asked, and she said yes. Now tonight I am going to their joint hen/ stag do! I am so happy for them and know in my heart that they are meant to be.

Lot’s of love to you two and I’ll see you tonight!

Love, Catnip.

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