Happy Birthday

This post is a Birthday thank you to someone who has quietly inspired me throughout my life.

You gave me a copy of “Jingo” by Terry Pratchett for my birthday when I was a young teen and opened up a magical world that I still adore.

When my mum worked the night shift, and I stayed over with you, I got woken up every morning with music coming from your room that I didn’t hate – I learned that it was Yes – and that rock was a whole world of music that didn’t suck.

You taught me that girls could do things that boys do through encouraging me to pursue my interests no matter what. By letting me play your computer games and eventually teaching me how to use my first computer.

You let me see that being different and pursuing your unique path in life is ok. Being an introvert is ok, being quiet is ok.

You were always on your own – a Batchelor and proud. Then you met your lady, and now you’re married with two kids. Your example made me believe that everyone has someone for them, a kindred spirit to go through life beside.

This post is hella soppy but you being you, and me being me – we aren’t the best at telling people how we feel – so I thought I would write a wee thing from the heart.

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