Learning again with the Open University

Learning with the Open University

As you may know, at the moment, I am for many reasons unable to work. The main reason being I am waiting for spinal surgery. Unable to do very much of anything is very boring. I can’t even begin to express just how life draining it is to wake up with no other purpose than to go to medical appointments and merely exist – when the highlight of the week is going to Asda for a coffee. But, this isn’t a post about sad things. It is a post about happy things!

The Open University – a flexible way to learn, at home and “in your own time and at your own pace” – you’ve seen the adverts. Skeptical at first I applied. I couldn’t quite grasp how a science degree could be achieved long distance and wholly online – but you can and it’s awesome.

After the initial paper shuffling (and I’m not going to lie, if you have a disability there is a lot of paper to be shuffled) and credit transfers, the course began in October.

The course is part-time and wort 60 level 3 credits. And, all I have to say is it has been life-changing. Each day I wake up I have a plan and an aim. Even if that aim is simply to spend 30 minutes reading course material. The OU course has brought purpose and meaning back to my day to day existence and I can feel my outlook changing with each topic we cover.

Learning with a disability is difficult at best. I am restricted in what fieldwork I can take part in and where, but my tutor is excellent. Compassionate and understanding but encouraging and honest. I couldn’t have asked for someone more suited to guide me through my first university course in 8 years.

If the thought of learning something new or finishing your degree has ever crossed your mind I would say go for it! You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

As a random useful aside – if you live in Scotland and meet certain criteria you may be eligible for part-time funding through SAAS.

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