Surfs Up!

You can’t be ill if you can…

How many of us have heard this?

You can’t have trouble with food… You don’t look it.

You can’t be in chronic pain… You did Tough Mudder.

You can’t just dislocate your joints… that would be sore!

You can’t have anxiety… you’re so normal.

We’ve heard people say this before. It’s hard to hear, even harder to reply too. I mean how do you even reply to that?

There is a YouTube couple (and doggie!) that I follow called The Frey Life. Mary always says “Do what you think you can’t do (uh huh)” and that is really how I go about my life. I do what I think I can’t do.

Anywho, today I have an appointment with my gastrointestinal consultant to basically say I have tried these new meds (Linaclotide) for nearly 8 weeks and it’s not worked. We’re going to discuss options going forward…

Mum and I might have time to go for a sneaky hot chocolate if there’s time after my appointment, naughty!

Jaw update: there is no update. Still dislocated, still no appointment to meet the surgeon and still sore. Meh.

Speak soon!

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