MRI – The Results

So the results are in…

In short, my face is broke.

Both my TMJ discs are dislocated -my left more than the right. The condyle ( the sticky up part of the “hinge”) on the left of my face is also deteriorated. I also have subluxation which is causing my bite to constantly be changeable.

I’m glad I have the results but I am still in a lot of pain and eating anything other than liquid is painful and challenging. I am becoming the master of creamed rice though – my recipe is finessed to perfection.

Having not received my appointment after referral from the oral surgeon to the maxillofacial surgeon I am in this limbo between consultants and neither can give me any information. It sucks.

All that remains is me to be a good patient – soft/liquid diet, taking my meds and trying to move my jaw as much as possible (the hardest part).

I will keep you all posted on progress.


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