Turning a new Leaf

Over the past two days, I have met my new GP and my new nurse. If you have read my last post you will know that I had to meet my new GP to discuss my medication including my need for a new prescription of Tramadol – which she allowed. My spine and I thank her.

After a discussion about my medication needs beyond just Tramadol, why I needed each of them and what the plan was for treatment going forward I feel much more at ease with my choice to move over. Honestly, I doubted my choice – but who wouldn’t after 30 years with the same GP.

My new GP is around my age and focused on the body as a whole rather than individual separate issues. This is good as I have many issues that nearly all lead back to one issue – my spine. A more personal approach is such a refreshing change as my old GP was more traditional in his approach to treatment and not as future forward (he never sent emails for one).

The new surgery has an awesome online system for appointment booking and organising repeat prescriptions. This is especially good for me as when my anxiety has me in its claws I can’t make phone calls at all – it fills me with fear. Knowing that I can do it all online now is such a relief. Another excellent feature they have is that they send you reminder texts the day before your appointment! As many people I know share my inability to remember things on bad days this is a welcome change.

Today I met the nurse for an initial appointment and a quick health check. She is very sweet and knowledgeable.  She is currently doing CPD for cervical cancer with a focus on virus caused cervical cancer. We had an awesome chat time about my work on HPV and my involvement in the vaccine clinical trials. A good way to get me to instantly be my friend is to chat science with me.

In other news I got a super cool organiser box for my medication – which makes my brain sigh a relieved sigh as until now it has been stored in a spare moving box. Now, It’s all organised neatly and by type – it will make managing my body much easier.

James has been working hard the last couple of days to put up shelves in the kitchen. They are now finished and we can start unpacking the last of our boxes. When you purchase your first home you realise that everything takes time. But, little by little it all comes together and when it is done there will be a space in the world that is yours.I love our wee flat.

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