You Want To Do What?!

I went to the dentist. Yeah.

My jaw is still locked shut. I can about get my mouth open enough to eat at dinner time. It hurts and clicks, and it’s frankly miserable.

The dentist has said there is nothing he can do that I haven’t done already. I have tried exercises, muscle relaxants and a soft diet. So now the process of being referred to the maxillofacial specialist is underway. I hope that I get answers soon. In the meantime I have a prescription for Corsadyl because I can’t brush the back of my teeth – it’s mint flavoured!

Mum and I went to Asda after to collect the prescription. While we were waiting, I went on an adventure to see if I could get a replacement bowl as I broke my favourite dish this morning during a seizure. I got one! Yey!

Snuggled on the couch now. Watching “The Frey Life” and drinking a cup of sweet gingerbread chai – it’s lovely.


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