What A Day Ahead!

Today I have not only a dentist appointment, I also have a doctors appointment. Yey!

My jaw has been locked almost shut for 2 weeks now! It’s so painful. If I am in the house alone and haven’t eaten, I forget and then yawn… Not fun. Hopefully, the dentist will have a better suggestion today than “Persevere. It should get better on its own.” It’s a good thing I like porridge as I haven’t really eaten anything else for 2 weeks.

On Sunday we were supposed to go down to England to visit my other half’s parents. However, as we both ill with this virus we had to cancel – it isn’t fair to visit and possibly make them ill.

So, my other half is off for a week next week and we are having a home holiday. Not sure what we will get up to but I’ll keep you posted!

What I want to know is have you had a locked jaw before? How did you fix it?


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