Blogmas 2018 – Day 1

I’ve been seeing lots of folks on YouTube doing “vlogmas” so I thought I would try my version. So here it is Blogmas.

So, on the 1st of December. Sleepy. I think that is an excellent way to describe it.

The big cats had their vet check-ups, so we were up and out by 0930. They were so, so well behaved. Ezio was clingy to James During his examination, which was out of character for him but also so sweet to see. Ravage had a little cyst on her back and made me so proud how she braved the yet being landed by just sitting there and allowing the vet to get on with it. Such a good, good girl.

We came home, and I went for a nap. I’ve been dead on my feet for a while, and it seems to be getting less push-through-able. So I napped.

At 1330 I had a clinic appointment that I’d rather not discuss. All is well. And I’m going to leave it at that.

When we came home again, I went back to sleep and slept till about 7 pm.

I got up and packed the couple of things I had sold on my little eBay page, and then we had dinner, chicken wraps, and watched Star Trek: Enterprise.

Then I went to bed. Again. See, there is a theme here. Sleepy. I wasn’t joking.

Speak to you all tomorrow.

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