The Influenza Injection – A Rant

Not in the mood today for anything at all. Everything is getting under my skin. But nothing more than the yearly rants by people preaching the dangers of vaccinations. Here is my reply:

1. The flu jag is not some big conspiracy – if you or anyone you know is offered it, it is because you or your loved one’s health needs to be protected against the influenza virus.

2. The influenza virus is not just a cold, it is deadly. If you are immunocompromised, over 65, pregnant or have anyone in your life in those categories then GETTING THE INFLUENZA VIRUS COULD KILL THEM.

3. The reason you feel crappy for a couple of days is that you are having an inflammatory response to the killed influenza virus. Serious side effects are rare and are usually due to an allergic reaction to the other components- such as egg protein. All the ingredients have been thoroughly tested. Severe side effects are very rare.

4. Killed viral vaccines like the influenza injection require yearly ‘boosters’ as viruses are very mutagenic – meaning they evolve very fast. Therefore every year the CDC and WHO have a list of what to include in this year’s injection for the manufacturers. This year (2017) is H1: N1, H3: N2, Influenza B.

5. The vaccine sometimes doesn’t work. Nothing in life is certain and if the flu mutates and you become infected it isn’t a failure on the part of the injection it is the fact that that specific mutation couldn’t have been predicted pre-exposure. But the likelihood of getting the flu if you don’t have the injection is much, much higher than if you do.

TL: DR – Influenza can kill, the vaccination saves lives – not just yours but people you come into contact with. If you are offered it, it is for a good reason, it is safe and effective. Just do the thing.

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