Coeliac Gift Guide

5 Gifts That Coeliacs Will Love

These days having different dietary requirements isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. However, those without restrictions do struggle to find gifts for people that have dietary requirements that differ from their own. Never fear! I have compiled this list to make it all easy! Here we go!

1. A Handmade Burger Company Gift Voucher 

Handmade Burger Company is one of my personal favourite places to eat. Accredited by Coeliac UK (Important for coeliacs) and I have never had any post eating issues. The food is amazing and the gluten-free menu is VAST. Here is a photo I took last time I was there shows how the meal is presented. The bun is separated in its own packaging and you build your own burger – which is super fun!

Link to gift vouchers at Handmade Burger Company

2. Gluten Free Proper Chippy Vinegar

Now bear with me here – there is a reason that I’ve said vinegar. In the UK the chippy is a traditional food – I can’t go to the seaside and not have a notion of a “poke of chips” (although finding a gluten-free chippy is also difficult). One thing I have found difficult is that most vinegar isn’t suitable for coeliacs, and chippy chips just aren’t right without salt and vinegar (although this mixture is regional). But! I have found the holy grail – proper chippy vinegar but suitable for coeliacs! Oh yeah!

Salt and vinegar please

3. Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Tamari sauce)

This is one for folks like me who love sushi! I make my own and I go to Yo Sushi (Who also do coeliac friendly dishes – hint hint!). When I was diagnosed I couldn’t find any soy sauce substitutes that tasted nice. Then I found this soy sauce from Kikkoman. It tastes exactly like soy sauce as I remember it. It is likely that the coeliac sushi lover will have a small bottle of this – and it is expensive! But, I have found this MAHOOSIVE 1 litre bottle of awesome – and it is a bargain!

One litre of coeliac friendly soy sauce linky!

4. Gluten Free Beer

This is one for the beer lovers out there! There is a severe lack of beer out there for folks who are coeliac. This one from Brew Dog is up there according to many beer drinkers. Plus – it’s not that expensive comparatively!

5. Gluten-Free Chai Tea

Having always been a tea jenny, when I was diagnosed I had to be careful about the fact that sneaky gluten can be found in certain “instant” teas and coffees. This chai tea is awesome! It tastes amazing and it’s safe for coeliacs.

Chai Tea for coeliacs!

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