My (2.5) Week on Instagram 

The last 2 and half weeks have been a little crazy. Follow me on Instagram <- clicky.

Photo 1:

Ah – these. Yeah. This is the paper pants they make you wear during surgery. I had surgery on my jaw… so I have no idea why I required paper underwear. 🤔

Photo 2:

A very tired, swollen and sore post-op thumbs up. We did it!

Photo 3:

The bear on the left is Ted. Ted is my oldest teddy bear. He’s been to lots of hospitals, on holiday, to sleepovers… basically, anything you can think of he’s going with me. The little unicorn on the right is a new addition to the family. What should I call her?

Photo 4:

This book is a must-read for everyone. It’s awesome. You can get it here.

Photo 5:

I did shots in hospital 😱

Photo 6:

A fox I drew using a long pencil stroke to create the fur. Pencil on sketch paper.

Photo 7:

I’ve spent a lot of time drawing after my operation. This little guy was a bit of a step towards whimsy and away from wild animals. Pencil on paper.

Photo 8:

The beautiful flowers from my little cousins, my roses from James’ aunt and uncle and the cards from the same and James’ mummy. I feel very loved.

Photo 9:

My glorious new bullet journal. I reckon I’ll be moving into is sunshiny-ness around my birthday.

Photo 10:

Doodles! I’m designing some printables 👌🏻

Photo 11:

This is bathroom orchid. She was brought to me in the old house as little more than a stick in a pot. Now, 3 years later she is blooming. One beautiful bloom at a time.

Photo 12:

One evening I got fed up with my face and didn’t want to eat anything. So I mixed Nutella and peanut butter together in a tiny bowl 👌🏻

Photo 13:

Error 404: cat not found. Limbs everywhere!

Photo 14:

My title page in my bullet journal for June 🙂

Photo 15:

Doing something a little different this month with my mood tracker. This month is a mood squiggle. And, of course, the ever trusty habit tracker.

Photo 17:

Another rescue orchid. This time let me introduce you to livingroom orchid. She has bloomed for the first time since coming into the home last April. Beautiful. Also, behind her, outside, that’s our little putt-putt.

Photo 18: 

A stealthy cow. We went to the Isle of Cumbrae (Millport) for my grand 90th. This guy was hiding close to the car!

Photo 19:

Silly floor picture because I liked the colours.

Photo 20:

This time is a photo of the ceiling and light fittings in Nardini’s. Very 1920’s and original to the restaurant’s origins.

Photo 21: Last one!

James and I power watched an anime called Shokugeki No Soma (aka Food Wars). It is amazing. Watch it. Now! Download Crunchyroll. It’s on there and Crunchyroll is free if you don’t mind ads 👍🏻

Anyway, this is my attempt at a portrait of the many characters, Yukihira Soma.  – painted with watercolours on watercolour paper. Yukihira Soma.

Hope you enjoyed this little trek through the last couple of weeks. If you are on Instagram. Follow me @mieliboo and let me know your username and I’ll follow you back.

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