TMJD Surgery – Day 5

There isn’t really much to report at this point. I’m very, very sleepy. I slept a lot yesterday. Which is why there is a lack of anything exciting. I spent all day either watching Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) or sleeping. Such a rock n roll lifestyle.

James the wonderful has been amazing – he has been tending my wound for me (since I can’t really see it – never mind tend it). He also went on a mercy run and acquired me some ice-cream. It is so warm and sunny in Scotland at the moment.

After surgery, they put lots of local anaesthetic on the surgical site as it allows for the post-op function to be assessed more or less pain-free. Unfortunately, this means that surgical site is starting to hurt as the local anaesthetic is wearing off. It feels very much like a bad migraine but very localised and doesn’t respond to medication.

My whole face is swollen on one side however that doesn’t hurt at all if just feels huge. Randomly, my temple is one of the most painful things to touch or put anything on. Which is new.

Mood wise I am feeling a little bit useless. I hate being unproductive and unhelpful. I can’t do anything around the house and certainly no walks. Logical Lisa knows this is the case – I just had surgery 96 hours ago. This knowledge doesn’t stop the inner Lisa feeling miserable at the whole situation.

The physical position of my jaw is moving a little bit more into place each day, closer and closer to my molars touching. Then it’s full steam ahead for a more solid diet.

I’m off to sleep again.

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