TMJ Surgery – Day 3

Morning folks!

So Day three was tough. Lots of pain, lots of frustration and generally feeling a bit low. I mean I’m 48 hours post op so it’s expected. I’m just not good at the whole resting thing.

Around 12 my dad came and picked me up and I had my first outing. I needed his arm for stability and my blood pressure was really low so I was super wobbly. But I managed it.

Was it too soon to go out? Maybe. Did it make my Gran and Dad happy? Definitely. Was it worth it? Yes.

My Gran and I had a long chat (well I had more of a long listen) over a proper cafe coffee while my dad went to get some groceries. It’s been a while since my Gran and I had some time just us. The fact that my gran didn’t have to see me In hospital is wonderful. It was worth the exhaustion after.

The afternoon was spent in bed. Mainly asleep or just pondering the world. I can’t wear my glasses very well as most of my scar is in and along my ear. Instead of in front. So I’m quite blind without them. Luckily gentle physio for my joints and back alongside jaw alignment exercises kept me occupied.

The scar itself is just amazing. I am so impressed with the quality of the workmanship and skill that my surgeon has shown. I have lost my tragus on my left ear unfortunately as in order to avoid a facial scar the tragic had to be sacrificed. It’s fine though – it will just be interesting to put earphones in when I’m fully recovered.

James made me some of his wonderfully awesome soup for dinner and we just watched a little bit of TV and then to bed.

Not an exciting day. But I don’t know what I was expecting 2 days post op. My brain is having the repetition of “you should be more productive”, “you should be doing more”… it’s difficult to challenge that constantly but I am managing.

Until tomorrow ❤

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