Anything, Except That One.

Did you know Waitrose offer a free drink to every MyWaitrose customer daily? It’s awesome – latte, flat white, cappuccino – you name the coffee and they give you it for free. However, Chai – nooo. No, no Chai for you!

They did redeem themselves though, they had most of the shopping I needed – they even had Almond Breeze on offer for £1! Woop! But the most exciting thing was the new fresh gluten free section! Fresh pasta, soup, ready meals, pies…

We eventually got home and I just had time to make some dinner (we had chicken curry and rice). James came home, we ate and watched some Ghost in the Shell and then some Achievement Hunter on YouTube.

Sleep didn’t come easy (or at all really) mainly because of the storm and pain in my back and my face – my jaw is still locked.

Not really an interesting or eventful day. I have an appointment with my GP at 1112 today and then I’m not sure what I’ll be up too.

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