It’s Been 2 months…

I’m about to have a bit of a rant. And I’m also going to talk about periods – if the functions of the lady nether regions give you the heebies – leave now.

Otherwise – here we go!

2 months ago I went (again) to a gynaecologist. As I have lower abdominal pain and random bleeding. Yup. It’s glorious. I’ve had it for 2 years and although I have seen various gynaecologists no one seemed to want to investigate the issue least of all cure it. One even said, “you’ll just have to get used to it – it might go away itself”. That was brutal to hear.

That was until my Dr sent me to a lovely doctor who wants to help! She listened to my story and actually had some sound things she wanted to test. I let her do her thing and unfortunately, every test came back normal – no odd hormones, nothing. On the upside we ruled out POS and Endometriosis, so that was a relief but once again no answers – this is where other Dr’s have metaphorically washed their hands of me and that was that. However, this awesome lady had a new idea – to stop me ovulating and see if that eases anything. Awesome. Makes sense.

I start taking Cerelle to stop me ovulating. That was 2 months ago. Since then I have put on weight, been extremely tired, and had a constant, yes constant, period. No breaks, no relief nothing. The pain is a little less though, or it’s being masked by cramp. I’m not sure.

I called her office today and basically said – it isn’t helping it’s making everything worse. Please help me. I have persevered for 2 months and I’m at breaking point. I have an appointment with her sidekick next week as she is on annual leave. Only a week left of this craziness.

Has anyone else had this reaction to the hormonal pill? I know that I, among other friends of mine, had this issue with Implanon but the pill?

Mieliboo xx

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